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Severe shoulder pain suffered for 1 year


“I cannot recommend too highly both the skill and personal approach to care exhibited at all times by Sarah Shupe.  Having endured  a year of pain in my shoulder, a condition that virtually disabled me on the right side and which defied traditional medical treatment, I turned to Sarah Shupe for help.  From the first treatment session the shoulder improved and over a month the pain was relieved almost totally and I  was again able to use my right arm without debilitating pain. My experience with acupuncture like my wife’s before me seems to have achieved a result that eluded standard medical treatment.” - Stephen G.





Sinus problems, headaches and migraines, muscle tension, anxiety


“I was very surprised I got some terrific relief on my first visit.  Each visit gives even more relief.  I walk out of the office feeling relaxed mentally and physically.   I haven’t felt like this since I was a kid.” - Crystal B.





Neck, arm, and hip pain


“On March 19, 2007 I went to Sarah feeling horrible and depressed.  I had pain inside and out, but after just a few treatments I was working in my garden and enjoying my kids and grandkids again.  This was a ten year struggle, not able to move my neck or hold my grandkids.  She worked with me 3 times a week for 6 weeks and she was very gentle and always explained what she was going to do next so I wouldn’t be surprised.  She is a very sweet and professional person” -Linda T.





Tennis elbow, neck and back pain, headaches


“I was going to an orthopedic surgeon, for one year, getting steroid injections in my right elbow.  The doctor told me the only thing left to do is repair the tendon.  I was not ready for surgery.  Then I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I’m so glad I did, because after 6 treatments I could straighten my arm and had full use of my hand.  Thank you Sarah for making me feel good again.” - Amy A.





Stress and anxiety


“Wellness acupuncture treatments should be required by all employers!  The benefit of this treatment is amazing! After every treatment I felt so relaxed and at peace.  It would just clear my mind.  I felt as though I could concentrate more and I was calmer.  During the treatment I would fall into a deep sleep.  Sarah is awesome and the treatment was not painful at all.” - Terri A.


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