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I am now offering telemedicine consultations and online acupressure classes! Find out more information below:



Acupressure to boost immunity, reduce stress, and enhance lung capacity



Looking for something you can do to increase your health while staying at home?  Acupressure has been used for thousands of years in China.  It’s based on the same principles as acupuncture to promote balance in the body and treat illnesses. Researchers in Taiwan found that using acupressure on these 5 points increased the volume of the lungs for 1-2 hours after 10 minutes of stimulation. These points are also great to boost immunity, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain, help digestion, and improve sleep.


If you’re curious, here’s the link to the research:



I also created a handout with more information and pictures of point locations.  




Group Acupressure Teleclass ($15/pay what you can)


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These classes focus on the 5 specific acupressure points outlined in the handout above that help strengthen the lungs, boost immunity, and reduce stress and anxiety.  During the class I will teach the location of each of the points and they do. At the end I will lead you through a relaxing 10min self-acupressure session which you can continue to practice at home.  I will email you handouts before the class. Time and day will vary. Book online or contact me to set up a class. For booking online, you will have to set up a new log-in, even if you're been in for acupuncture.





Telemedicine/Private Acupressure sessions ($60)


These are for current patients to address the issues we've been working on.  I will do a virtual intake and then go over appropriate acupressure points, qigong meditation techniques, diet, herbal supplements and life style advice.  After the online session I will email you handouts on what we talked about. These sessions will focus on stress reduction, immune enhancement, and/or hormone balance. Please contact me to set up a session.  



I look forward to continue to serve you to keep you healthy and well.



Sarah Shupe Hung L.Ac.


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