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Dear Acupuncture Clients,


As of May 1st I am open to all acupuncture appointments for current patients. Booking is availabe for new patients starting May 11.  If you'd like to come in before that please call or email me to set something up.  


If you are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below, please monitor yourself and delay your acupuncture appointment.  Seek medical attention immediately if you begin experiencing worsening symptoms, such as *trouble breathing *persistent pain or pressure in chest *new confusion or inability to arouse or *bluish lips or face


Before You Come In:


On March 17, Governor Northam recommended that individuals with chronic health conditions or age 65 or older should self-quarantine, because they are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19.


If you are showing signs or symptoms considered consistent with COVID-19 *fever *cough *sore throat *shortness of breath or difficulty breathing *chills *repeated shaking with chills *muscle pain *headache *new loss of taste or smell do not come to the clinic. If you are having breathing issues contact a physician immediately. Please reach out if I can assist you in seeking herbal or supplemental support to manage less severe and/or lingering symptoms.  


If you are experiencing sudden diarrhea or digestive issues. More evidence is emerging that these symptoms can precede flu and lung symptoms in as many as 50% of cases.


If you have travelled internationally in the last 14 days you are by law required to self quarantine. Please do not attend the clinic


If you have had contact with someone who has been diagnosed with or is suspected of having COVID-19 do not attend the clinic and follow self quarantine directives.



Clinic Precautions:


I am taking steps to comply with social distancing requirements and state requirements .


We are managing social distancing measures by limiting the number of people in the clinic waiting area at a time.

Please do not arrive more than 5 min early for your appointment. I will have a room ready for you to go directly into. If you arrive earlier, please wait in your car and call or text me to see if a room is ready. If someone else comes with you, they will have to stay in the treatment room or outside the clinic while they're waiting.


We ask all patients to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands on arrival. I wash my hands before entering and on leaving the treatment room (this was always being done).


I recommend wearing a mask (cloth/homemade is fine) while in the clinic common areas where 6ft distance may not be able to be maintained.  


I will wear a mask while in the room, since 6ft social distancing is not possible during treatment.  At this time I am not asking patients to wear a mask while the needles are in.


We are maintaining strict hygiene and cleaning standards between patients and throughout the day.  Rooms will be cleaned and aired out for 30min between patients. We use cleaners approved by the CDC to kill COVID 19. All laundry is removed and laundered (this was always being done).


Although COVID-19 is certainly top of all of our minds it does not mean that other illness, injury or imbalances are no longer occurring. We are, and will be as long as possible, here to help


As things develop I will keep you informed.








Acupressure Telemedicine Appointments Now Available!



Looking for something you can do to increase your health while staying at home?  Acupressure has been used for thousands of years in China.  It’s based on the same principles as acupuncture to promote balance in the body and treat illnesses.


Acupressure to boost the immune systemp, benefit the lungs, and reduce stress: 

Researchers in Taiwan found that using acupressure on these 5 points increased the volume of the lungs for 1-2 hours after 10 minutes of stimulation. These points are also great to boost immunity, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain, help digestion, and improve sleep. I created a handout with more information and pictures of point locations.  




Group Acupressure Teleclass ($15/pay what you can)


Book Online 


These classes focus on specific acupressure points and can cover a variety of topics. During the class I will teach the location of each of the points and they do. At the end I will lead you through a relaxing 10min self-acupressure session which you can continue to practice at home.  I will email you handouts before the class. Time and day will vary. Book online or contact me to set up a class. For booking online, you will have to set up a new log-in, even if you're been in for acupuncture.





Telemedicine/Private Acupressure sessions ($60)


These are for current patients to address the issues we've been working on.  I will do a virtual intake and then go over appropriate acupressure points, qigong meditation techniques, diet, herbal supplements and life style advice.  After the online session I will email you handouts on what we talked about. These sessions will focus on stress reduction, immune enhancement, and/or hormone balance. Please contact me to set up a session.  



I look forward to continue to serve you to keep you healthy and well.



Sarah Shupe Hung L.Ac.


[email protected]


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Covid 19 Update for In-Person Treatment

and Acupressure Tele-Sessions