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Allergy Health Tips

Here are some tips that you can use to help balance and support your health. Please feel free to contact me

if you have further questions or concerns.



Lung 7 (LU 7): Roughly 2 inches above the base of the thumb.

Functions: Used to treat several disorders of the upper body, including headaches, asthma, neck stiffness, cough, sore throat and facial paralysis.


Lung 5 (LU 5): On the thumb side, at the elbow crease, just off the biceps brachii tendon. Functions: Useful for hot skin conditions, upper body edema, local point for tendonitis, relaxes the sinews and frees water passages.


Lung 1 (LU 1): On the lateral aspect of the chest, in the first intercostal space, approximately 6 inches from the center of the chest. Functions: Disperses heat from the chest, regulates Lung Qi, helps with coughs, wheezing and asthma.


Lung 9 (LU 9): On the wrist crease, just below your thumb. Functions: Used for coughs with or without phlegm, tightness of chest, shortness of breath, asthma, digestive problems and wrist pain. Also used to strengthen the Lungs and the immune system.


Pericardium 6 (PC 6): In between the tendons, about 3 inches down from the wrist crease. Functions: Opens the chest, regulates Heart Qi, calms the Shen (Spirit), harmonizes the Stomach, relieves nausea and vomiting and motion sickness.


Large Intestine 20 (LI 20): On the face, level with the bottom of your nostril, on the groove that is formed when you smile. Functions: Opens the nasal passages and strengthens the activities of the contractile elements in the nasal cavity. Also useful for itchy eyes and facial pain with swelling.

allergy acupoints

Acupressure Points


Rubbing acupuncture points with your finger for 30 - 60 seconds can stimulate and

promote the circulation of Qi within your own body, restoring health and well-being.

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Helpful Aromatherapy


Combine essential oils and vegetable oil into a small glass jar.

Rub on your chest throughout the day and night as needed, but

especially before bedtime. You can also place a few drops of each

scent on a cloth and inhale it throughout your day.


             • Chamomile, Roman                             • Eucalyptus

             • Frankincense                                          • Lemon

             • Lavender                                                  • Spikenard

Cleanse Your Nose


Nasal cleansing is an ancient practice that has been used throughout India for thousands of years.


There are various techniques using certain oils and herbs, but the simplest technique uses water for the irrigation process. Lukewarm water is used to gently cleanse the nasal passages. A soothing, gentle stream of salt water, the same concentration as tears, flows through your nose, washing away pollens, mucus, viruses and bacteria. Use of a Neti Pot™ is recommended to ease allergies and open up the sinus passages.

Meridian Exercise for Lung and Sinus Health




1) Stand with feet shoulder width apart.


2) Place your hands behind your back, hook your thumbs together and spread your fingers apart.


3) As you exhale, bend forward from your hips. Keep your knees slightly bent. Let your head hang down, raise your hands up over your back and keep your elbows straight.


4) When you have come to a comfortable forward bend, take a deep inhalation. Relax into the pose and gradually sink deeper with each exhalation.


5) Exhale and gently push your arms up, and away from your body, toward your front. Spread and stretch your fingers toward the sky.

(See imageabove)


6) Hold this position for a few breaths.


7) Gradually return to a standing position


WARNING: If you become light headed or dizzy. Stop, bend your knees and slowly return to a standing position.

lung exercise

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