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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! - Year of the Green Wood Horse

Happy Lunar New Year!


Resolutions not sticking?  Well here’s your second chance!  The Chinese Lunar New Year begins on the 2nd full moon after the winter solstice.  This year it falls on January 31st, 2014. The celebration will last for 15 days, from the new moon on January 31st to the full moon on February 15th.  


The Chinese have a 12 year animal cycle combined with a five year element cycle.  This year the animal is the horse and the element is green wood. Last year, the year of the snake, was full of turmoil and unrest.  The horse is a much luckier animal, and should bring good fortune.  


The Year of the Wood Horse should start out much quicker and livelier than last year.  The horse characteristics are nobility, class , speed,  freedom, returning to nature, perseverance.  Often things happen quickly.  Expect the unexpected! It is a great year for travel and exploring places off the beaten track.  This is a year to act fast and decide things quickly.  Make sure you are secure in your decisions though.  If you aren’t, it may be better not to act at all.  Be careful when you spend money.  The horse is impulsive, which may lead to expensive purchases you do not need.


"A good horse never turns its head to eat the grass behind." ~Chinese proverb.

This is year to look ahead and not dwell on the past.  I wish you all joy and luck in the year of the Green Horse!






chinese-symbol-for-horse horse pic